Thursday, October 16, 2014


Noah was going without screens on Thursday but it seems like he's capable of finding other ways to amuse himself.  You can see 5 of the 7 weapons he's wearing inside of his clothes.
The bat and Wolverine loved Thriller.  They had funny comments and questions throughout the performance, mostly concerned if the Swan Lake ballerina was shot for real or if the guy missed her on purpose.  Neither of them removed any part of their costume for the entire 3 hours.  I think they felt a little more brave in costume since we were surrounded by zombies.
A grainy download {or "update to facebook," according to Noah} of Tammy, me, Noah, blocked Wendy, Abbi, and Anne.  We had a great night together that started with a delicious dinner at Little America {an old high school, according to Abbi}.