Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Party

Jake came up with a big idea that we host a Halloween party.  So, we did our best work and had lots of guests.  57 guests.  It wasn't too crowded because we had a fire out back, picnic tables on the patio, and lots of space inside.  Eek, Drink, and Be Scary was our theme, costumes optional.  We ordered super cute cupcakes and cookies from Jake's cousin, Megan,  I think the party turned out well.  We may even try it again.  We were blessed with good weather and lots of good treats!

Jake and I were Carl and Ellie from UP
Trason, Travis, Alleson, and Aubree
Jimmy, Jack, James, Marlie, and Amber
Bryan, Lilia, and Liza
The next door neighbors, the Powell's
Anne, Hurley, and Wendy
Joey, Abbi, Jake, and Noah
Bryan, James, Liza, Noah, Abbi, Jack, and Marlie
Homemade Rootbeer and Witches' Brew
Pumpkin throwing up and pumpkin poo
Yummy apple dip, this table was full after I took the picture.  And, Noah's party poster, "Best Party Ever!"
Our cute treats.  This table filled up, too!
Cody, Elizabeth, and Tiffani (and Watermelon Guy)

Taylor, Hollie, Kambri, Shaun, and Kellie
Jeremy, Conrad, Kaiden, and Eli