Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The pay off

Sometimes, it's easier to let the kids keep watching their movie.  Sometimes, it's hard to be patient with their fidgety bodies while we sit at the table.  Sometimes, I think we should just wait until the weekend when Jake is home.  But, so far, I can see a positive result every time we sit down and study the scriptures together.

The kids and I started studying from Gospel Principles.  We read the chapter and any of the scripture verses from The Book of Mormon.  I thought that would be a less overwhelming way to begin for Abbi than flipping between the Bible, The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Gospel Principles book.

Abbi's job is to read the scripture verses and Noah and I read from the book.  Tonight, Noah was repeating the words in a big voice.  A few minutes in he asked me if I knew why he was doing that.  I confirmed that, of course, I didn't know why he was using such a big voice.

"I want God to hear us."

A few minutes later, we were discussing why we would choose to make good choices.

"If we could remember God and when we lived with Him, we would make perfect choices so we could get back to Him."

That four year old boy made me stop in stunned amazement.  Pretty good pay off for our few minutes of scripture study, I would say.