Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Storage Room Wall

If anyone recalls, the last house I owned was covered in color.  Since moving, I've yet to add any color on any wall, you know paint like.  So, for $25.00 I decided to try something new.

Now, the Storage Room has one wall this color:

And, I made a long, narrow rectangle of chalk paint with this color:

Now, we can write down what we take off the shelf so grocery shopping is a little easier.

Maybe one day I'll add a picture of the finished product but my dummy flip-phone just doesn't do the color justice.  And we all know, I believe in justice.


Kellie said...

I want to see pictures, so pull out the good ole regular handy dandy camera! :)

Joey Tracy said...

A - the lighting makes every picture horrible down there

2 - I'm not even sure we have a camera

I'll work on the whole problem.