Wednesday, December 05, 2012

before the end of the year....

probably should get the tree up, right?
probably mail the Christmas Cards even though postage scares me
more dentist work :(
Super Secret Santa Work
TEMPLE VISIT & a Birthday Party!
a warm visit to nearly-Mexico
a brand-new PENA BABY!
TRAIN RIDE to Temple Square !
CHRISTMAS with Grandma Tracy!
CHRISTMAS with Jake & the Hansens!

What does your December look like?

Santa and I worked together early in October to get the bulk of that work done.  I like to finish that stuff early so that Thanksgiving and Christmas can be about the holidays and not about the errands, the crowds, the pressure, etc.  Since then, we had a great Thanksgiving with a walk on the Weber River Trail and dinner with all my brothers and sisters.

Abbi was baptized last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and went so smoothly.  I owe a lot of that to my mom and sisters.  They did some excellent cooking!  Abbi was so happy.  I feel so blessed to be married to Jake and have the Priesthood in our family and our home.  We appreciate and love all the family and friends who came to support Abbi!

On Sunday night, we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional for family home evening.  I love that annual broadcast.  It always brings back such warm Christmas memories from my youth.  The Riverdale Stake used to have a Nativity Activity to go with the broadcast.  I loved looking and the rows and rows of everyone's special nativities.  I remember sitting in the dark chapel with my parents and sisters.  I think my Grandpa and Grandma Hansen came a few times.  I can remember sitting in the dark listening to my grandma's alto voice sing the Christmas carols.  I love that memory!

Now, we are into the thick of the season with no snow and no Christmas tree.  I guess the second one really is more my fault than Mother Nature's.  I love to celebrate this time of year and my only goal is for my children to have opportunities to have warm Christmas memories to keep forever.