Saturday, December 01, 2012

Abigale's Baptism

Abbi had such a beautiful and fun baptism day!  We had a nice lunch beforehand at Grandpa and Grandma Hansen's church.  Our ward was using all of the tables, chairs, and the kitchen to prepare for the ward party.  After lunch, we all went up to our church house for the baptism.  

So many people came to support Abbi on her special day.  
Jake, Joey, Abbi, Noah, Crystal, Jenny Ross, Grandma Tracy, Grandpa Hansen, Grandma Hansen, Popcorn Grandma (Great-Grandma Hansen), Grandma Ballard, Grandpa Nelson, Grandma Nelson, Matt Barker, Trent Barker, Tina Barker, Ross and Julie Ballard, Denton and Trudy Hatch, Bishop and Sister Litster, Jimmy, Amber, Marlie, James, and Jack, Wendy, Cody, Tiffani, Elizabeth, Anne

Aunt Amber led the music while Aunt Wendy played.  James and Aunt Anne gave the prayers.  Mom Joey and Grandma Ballard gave the talks.  Grandpa Hansen and Grandpa Nelson were the witnesses.  Dad baptized Abbi.  And, every man at the baptism was able to join Jake in confirming Abbi a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I was so happy to share such a wonderful day with Abbi.  I hope she has good memories of it forever.  She loved the special gifts she received and she loves reading through and studying her scriptures that she picked out.  I love Abbi so much and was so proud of the way she prepared for baptism.  She teaches me so much and I love studying and learning with her.


Amanda said...

Abbi is gorgeous! Great family. I am happy for ya. Yore a great mom!