Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School Dinner Party

I like to feature Hansen boys any time they will look directly at the camera.

I got these printables and the party idea from this blog.  I love a lot of what they do and I really love free printables.  The place mats are just scrapbook paper that I already had.  My cake was a bust.  You wouldn't believe the mess and project it was for me to make a rice krispie treat cake.  The kitchen was a disaster.  Jake was pretty supportive, in general.  He said I did good with what I had.  That means the pans + my skill set.  I wanted to do this party for Abbi.  I'm excited for her to start a new school year and to be able to meet and play with some new friends. Plus, she's a learning machine and I'm under the impression that school is good for kids like that.  I hope she had fun at the party with her cousins! 


Wendy H. said...

I would eat that cake, and I bet the kids had a lot of fun!

Kellie said...

That is a super fun idea! I just might copy! Abbi and nephews/niece are real lucky to have you!! :) Love ya!