Thursday, November 18, 2010

my LIFETIME dream

During Campaign 2000, I can honestly say I gave my heart and political loyalty to President George Walker Bush.  Since then, the desire of my heart has been to meet him in person/work for him at the White House/work for him on his Texas Ranch/just hang out/etc.  Any of the above activities would fulfill my need and maybe even help me move on with my life.  Until one of these thing happen, I think I am halted in my current state.

GOOD NEWS!!!  Former president, George W. Bush, will be at the Costco in Sandy, Utah tomorrow to sign his newly released book, Decision Points.  My sister volunteered to try to get me a wrist band in the morning so I can MEET HIM IN PERSON on Friday afternoon!

The pickle is....I'll have James and Jack all day and even if I haul them down there, Marlie will probably get home from school before I can make it back.  Furthermore, add Elizabeth to the equation at 4:45 p.m.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Public Service Announcement:  Wrist bands grant entrance only to the person/membership card who picked it up.  Tomorrow will not be the day I reach my lifetime goal.  I guess at least I still have a reason to live....but remember, it means I remain halted in my current life station.


Kellie said...

LOL! Oh Joey, how I love you!! :) Keep dreaming though...I have a feeling with you, it'll come true!!