Thursday, November 04, 2010


A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 27th birthday.  Number 27 is the birthday that reminds every single woman that she is a burden to her parents and it serves as a reminder to her friends not to judge her.  "Don't you dare judge me, Lizzie."

My birthday was on a Sunday so I like to think the whole weekend was a celebration and all the activities were held in my behalf, which isn't necessarily true.

Friday, I had lunch at Taggart's with Emily and Hannah. Soooo good.  My family party was on Saturday night.  My sister-in-law made me probably my best birthday cake EVER.  On my actual birthday, my mom made me most favorite meal.  Carbs.  Spaetzle, corn, rolls, and chicken.  Yum.  Sunday evening, many of my favorite people came over.  I have really good friends.  I'm kinda wishing I had more pictures of all the partiers.



The Nelsons said...

Happy Birthday, Joey! I'm glad to see you had Lots of fun and festivities.