Sunday, October 10, 2010

why didn't someone tell me before now?

Here is one reader's response to this book:  "I read this book, thinking I had people in my life that would fit the description of porcupines, and that I could pick up a few pointers on how to handle them. Imagine my horror and dismay when I discovered that I'M a porcupine!!!"  At least this reader discovered it on her own.  I had to be told.

Talk about a 2X4 of truth....Honestly, I've never read this book.  I only know about it.  I've been meaning to read it since 2005, at least.  Now I know that I'll never read it.  I wish I had known before now that I'm a porcupine.  It's kinda hard to swallow, or hug, as the title would suggest. 


Hansen Family Blog said...

Says Who?

J.lee Hansen said...

Would you refer this book to others? What did you love? What did you dislove?

S said...

Totally not a porcupine. I read the book. More like an ox. ;)