Thursday, October 07, 2010

side effects of the d.i.

I have to admit that working at the Deseret Industries isn't full-time fun and games.  Periodically, I have to work with a diverse population of humans.  The diversity presents itself in a number of ways.  Sometimes, the humans say things to me that they may or may not believe I have never heard before.  And sometimes I just can't help but ask the human, "Do you think you're the first person who came up with that excuse?"  Other times, I can't help but rudely interrupt the humans in their plea for sympathy and forgiveness for their absence as he/she explains the details of their bodily function's flaws.  That's right...the flaws in how their body is functioning.  In addition, there are times when one person calls in sick and 3.67 seconds later his/her new d.i. love calls in sick.  The second caller always seems surprised by inquiry into the coincidental nature of the 2 calls.

Let me get down to the brass tacks here....

The consistency and popularity in the belief that I can't see or hear a lie takes a toll.  Many parts of the work at d.i. takes a toll.  Side effects of d.i. include brain loss and fatigue.  For example, a dear co-worker was late to work the other day because she couldn't find her black slip.  She searched and searched before she decided just to put on her white slip instead.

I'd like to share some happy d.i. thoughts as well.  Because sometimes d.i. is a job of fun and games or, oddly enough, tender moments.  Well, maybe I won't share them right now but I will say that sometimes I can feel my eyes tear up of the successes the associates experience when they believe they can only fail.  And sometimes, their thoughtfulness blesses my life and builds me up in many ways.

Turns out....even if I go to work with 2 slips on....I'd still love D.I.