Sunday, July 25, 2010

National Day of the COWBOY

So much to say.....but it'll probably bore you.  I'll keep a lot of how happy I was last night to myself.  In celebration of the National Day of the Cowboy I attended the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo.  Not only was the rodeo the best activity possible but I loved it about 408% more when a few cowboys and their horses played musical chairs.
I'm pretty sure I saw my uncle taking pictures during the Miss Rodeo Utah coronation.  I just know a Hansen when I see one, even from far away.  Sandy was friendly enough to share her kettle corn and it was delicious.  Emily went on a "browse" of a walk with me.  And at the end of the rodeo there was FMX and fireworks.  I've never seen this kind of thing in person before.  It made me want to....well, it scared me a little bit.  I'd rate this night at a 9.8, it would have got a 10 if it wasn't for the 100 degree sunshine for the first hour.


Kellie said...

I'm pretty sure it was my dad indeed that you saw! Seeing as he's lived there for the past 4 days or however long the thing has lasted. Silly guy! He ditched our family get together to go to the darn thing!