Friday, July 02, 2010

making deals

I'm sure no one can understand how my brain works (because I don't really get it myself) but I thought I'd try to explain how the wheels turn in my head. 

Situation A:
I'm playing Solitaire on the computer.  My score is -$2,195 and I win, statistically, 4% of the time.  I've played a total of 331 rounds, but not all in one sitting.  Do I allow myself to play more than one round?  Do I stop playing after I get passed a certain score or time limit?  This decision is a burden to make.  The time limit comes, I keep going.  I pass the score that means I should stop, and I keep going.  I reset the time limit or the score limit over, and over, and over again.  Why?

That's right.  The devil.  The deals I make with myself (inside my brain) are like making deals with the devil.  Let me go on.....

Situation 2:
My goal is to eat out 1 time a week for lunch.  Monday is the pre-determined day to eat at Paradise Bakery for lunch.  Tuesday, I ate out at Pei Wei.  Wednesday, I returned to Paradise Bakery, justifying it as a healthy alternative to Pei Wei.  Thursday, a banana split at Scoopology.  That's right.  A banana split.  Why?

I could go on but it seems unnecessary.  I'm not saying that I am A or THE devil.  I'm not saying that it's the actual devil who made me do it.  I'm saying that this little guy represents my self-control. 

What to do, what to do?


Katherine said...

I think Quizno's should be Wednesday.