Monday, June 21, 2010

join me!!!

Hey listen everyone!!!  I'm enlisting you to join me in the challenges on this website: 

You won't regret it!  Leave a comment to let me know you're with me.  It'll be more fun and more successful if we team together.  Let's do it!

Monday: Get Strong! - Choose one area of spending (like eating out, entertainment, clothing, etc.) and commit not to spend any money all month long, or for a time frame you are comfortable with.

Tuesday: Don't Spend! - Just for one day....not a penny. 

Wednesday: Simplify! - Fill one bag of stuff at home that you don't really need and then donate it.

Thursday: Take Charge! - Choose one credit card or other recurring service that is an extra, a non-essential, and get rid of it.

Friday: Have a Plan! - Determine your expenses for next week and withdraw the amount in cash.  It's for next week's challenges.

I'm Joey Hansen and I endorse this message.


Anne H said...

I'm not sure I'm with you on this one.

A- I have no problem not buying clothes for 1 month. But picking the easiest one probably isn't the point.

B- The only reacurring non-essential I can easily part with is stupid Weight watchers online. (FAIL), this may or may not also be counterproductive.

C-Cash? I can't even keep track of my debit card let alone a stack of bills.

D-I need a dumbed down version for someone who doesn't even know how much they get paid, or when.

E- Are you interested in purchasing my vehicle?

Katherine said...

Very interesting, I like it! Matt and I just started a new budget this week, and this fits right in! I'm in!

Anonymous said...


A- Why don't you pick something like you won't buy stuff not on a grocery list when you go to the store or Kung Fu Chinese only once a week or something?

2- Netflix? If you don't use the Weight Watchers you should ditch it. Online games?

C- You just have to try the cash thing. You'll want to be prepared for next week's challenges.

D- You should know when and how much money you have coming and going. That's your first mistake. All it takes is a simple blank calendar.

E- I'm not interested in buying your vehicle. But I will call Nicole today or we should put it on KSL when you come back from Oregon.

mattycake said...

We're in? Katherine... You've got some 'splainin to do!