Friday, June 04, 2010


In just a few days of painting, amazingly, the main floor is done.  The silly/ironic part is that I have done much less in much more time.  For example, there are two unfinished purses on my kitchen table.  The purses need about 90 seconds of sewing on each one but they continue to wait for my attention.

Back to the paint....I love the colors!  As mentioned in my previous post, my color inspiration is Ikea dish towels.  The bright green is called Asaparagus and the accent color is Moss Landing.  I understand that my style is partially 70's and partially out of the ordinary...I don't care.  I will not apologize for my style. 

Now for the pictures...beginning at the front door (please note the stair well still has blue tape as I cannot reach 20+ feet even on a ladder with an extended roller):

Also note that I did not clear any clutter before I took pictures.  I live at my house, a fact that I'm sure you have deduced on your own.  In summary, what's done is done.  I love it.  I'll let you all know when I get the other projects done (ex: pillows, repainted magnet board, repainted bookshelf, etc).

p.s. this moves pretty big to-do's to the to-done's


guest said...

We love it!! You did a good job. It really makes all the white trim and cabinets pop.

~Lisa & Shane

Katherine said...

I super super love it. I think you picked the perfect greens. Now if only I could get my butt up there to see it in person!