Monday, May 24, 2010

2 X 4 of Truth

I stopped at Instacare tonight on my way home from work.  I wasn't really mentally prepared for the event.  In the back of my mind I remember thinking that since I was going in for an ear problem, there's no way I'd have to step onto one of these....
Lucky?  Not so. 

I'm not posting tonight to editorialize my feelings regarding my weight.  I prefer not to brag or complain.  Standing on a scale is like a 2X4 of truth.  There is no way that nurse can break the news any easier than just watching the digital numbers rise.  This post is really me just delaying an imminent decision.

I bought a box of graham crackers and a can of frosting while I waited at the pharmacy.  Now I'm trying to decide, based on what I know now (from the **** scale), do I proceed with creating frosting sandwiches?

Good luck to us all.


Katherine said...

Oh man, I'm sorry. I say proceed with the graham crackers and have one every day after work.