Monday, October 19, 2009

Things to do on Your Birthday

1. Convince a waiter that you're under 12 so you can order from the child's menu.

2. If your family doesn't quite come through for you on the caramel brownies and ice cream you requested, scrounge for leftover cake and send your roommate to the store.

3. Star in a Snuggie fashion show.

4. Pick a fight with a unicorn. Hint: wear protective eyewear or the unicorn might win.


Morgan Greaves said...

Hahaha....what a fun day! Hope you had a great Birthday. xoxo

Katherine said...

I'm glad your eye is okay. Who is the little kid in all the pictures? :)

Hansen Family Blog said...

Looks like the party started after we left. You look great in your snuggie. ;)

Anonymous said...

These are all really flattering pictures that make me look like an adult. Thank you.