Sunday, August 23, 2009

if it was true yesterday....

I received news this week that a girl I know has ended her own life. It wasn't her first try. Of course this kind of news is always very unsettling. After her first attempt, I had a long, long night trying to sort through my feelings. (I'm sorry for the two people who crossed my path.)

My conclusion was this: if what I believe about the plan of salvation was true yesterday then it is true today. Reading my scriptures that night, I found my bookmark on a chapter that teaches the Plan of Happiness, faith, and trusting in the Lord. What was true yesterday is true today and will forever be "the truth."

After learning about my friend's death this week, I wondered why I was given the life I have when there are others who deal with things I don't understand. I felt overwhelmed with my blessings from little things, like the butter in the fridge, to big things like the gospel and my family.

Coincidentally, in my studies that evening I read an Ensign article that taught the eternal nature of individuals. Each person has made the choice to accept life and trials in store for them to be able to come to earth. I was reminded that I knew and believed this principle and that "if it was true yesterday...."

Recently, I have run into difficult circumstances that take me far from my comfort zone. I have tried to use "if it was true yesterday, it is true today" to help me move forward. Unfortunately, I am an imperfect person. The direction and comfort I have found in my trials has come directly from the truth of the gospel.

I sincerely want to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I want to be the same public self as I am my private self. Luckily, I think I can try.


Jenny Hansen Lane said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the principles of yesterday today and forever

Katherine said...

I have something I would like to share along these lines, but it's too long to type here. Remind me to tell you about it... use the words "premortal tendencies" when you ask me about it.