Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joey, what have you been doing lately?

1. I bought a few pairs of children's shoes to celebrate spring!

B. I've been sleeping like a champ. My roommates and I may disagree on this.

3. I resuscitated my plant. It's named both Uncle Paul and Grandpa. The plant is from my uncle's funeral and the pot is from my grandpa's funeral.

4. "I've work my (self) off to the bone" scraping this floor. As have others. Thank you.

5. President Lifferth wrote an advertisement for me to give boys. If you're interested in the class, please inquire.

6. I traded in my little Zoolander phone for a new one. It's hard to use.

7. My ward got a new bishopric. A wife of one of them likes George Strait because of how he works the Wranglers. We have this in common. Wrangler butts drive me nuts too.

8. Tammy fell down the stairs and injured her armpit. I fixed it.

9. I have spent some time reviving my talent of being a Raving Rabbid. It's the best game ever!

10. I colorized my clothes in segments of the types of clothes. I usually keep it like this but it needed a little sprucing up.

11. I made a most delicious 3-layer chocolate cake for my mom's birthday. It was not an architectural disaster as was its predecessors.


Katherine said...

You've been pretty busy! That chocolate cake looks delicious. Did your old phone break? Do you still have it by chance?