Friday, March 27, 2009

about Husbands and Wives - advice from Marlie

How to get one:
1. go to an adult party
2. if you love someone have your friend find out his name
3. marry them the next day
1. throw an adult party
2. do stuff grown-ups do
3. dance
4. then turn on the music

Why to get one:
1. to get more uncles
2. so Marlie can be a flower girl and get a dress
3. to be with someone
4. to get little kids

"It'll be really good if you plan on that."

What they're good for:
1. frying meat - ribs and burgers mostly
2. to cook while you take care of the kids
3. to build houses if they know how
4. to make kids feel better if he's a doctor
5. to fix the cable if he works for Comcast
6. to plant trees
7. to drive trains

What's the difference between a boyfriend and a husband:
1. there is no difference
2. a boyfriend will only and always be your friend
3. a husband is a friend you took to your wedding
4. you live together until you fall out of love

To do list:
1. find a husband
2. make sure he has a job
3. make sure he has things to work for
4. make sure he's in love with you
5. have kids as soon as you get married
6. make sure he comes to the wedding place
7. find a temple to get married in
8. dance at home together
9. watch adult movies together
10. get a wedding dress
11. know how to cook and change diapers
12. be able to leave the husband at home while you go to the store
13. be able to find everything you need at the store
14. be nice to daddies


Kellie said...

LOL! I absolutely LOVE it. Kids say the cutest stinking things. See right there...lil' Marlie is pointing you in the right direction! Haha! What a girl!

Chris said...

I'm not going to lie. that made me chuckle slightly. okay quite a bit. i liked the part about the comcast guy. (what brought that up?)

we need to hang out sometime and catch up. go out for lunch. what do ya say?

Stacie Marietti White said...

This was funny. She seems like a pretty smart girl. "A husband is a friend you took to your wedding." Thanks for the updates.

Jeremy and Lynsie said...

She is the funniest lil' girl. Those are some good words of advice!