Monday, January 12, 2009

don't upset my nature!

Let me paint you a picture....Practically every night, my dad falls asleep in his chair watching t.v. When anyone tries to wake him up his tourette's syndrome kicks in. It's always so funny!!! This began more than a decade ago when he was awakened by a rabbit slipper. Last Friday, I slept over at my parents' house and again my dad fell asleep in his chair. When I "tried to help" him wake up, he started yelling at me.

Joey whispering - "Mr. Rabbit's going to bed. Tell him goodnight."

Dad yelling - "Get the rabbit out of here! You've upset my nature!"

Like me, you may wonder what his nature is. And maybe you wonder how Mr. Rabbit upset his nature. Since this incident I have been reflecting on what may or may not upset my nature.

items that upset my nature:

1. moldy bread - ask Lisa

2. slow drivers in the fast lane - who do they think they are?

3. like my dad...being woken up by someone on purpose

4. any case

5. monthly newsletters from my HOA

items that don't upset my nature:

1. lunch away from work

2. sugar around the rim of my drink

4. text messages, emails, phone calls, voicemails, cards, letters, etc.

5. remembering something I learned

6. Gerard Butler


Wendy H. said...

Gerard Butler is not nearly old enough for you to find him attractive. Maybe in a few years when he has more gray hair.

Jeremy and Lynsie said...

You are so cute! I laughed hard when I read that first part about your dad, I could just picture that. haha.

Hope you're doing good!

(I don't comment nearly as much as I should, and thanks for reading my blog too!)

Katherine said...

Does it upset your nature when someone throws away your strawberry jam?

Anonymous said...

The aforementioned jam that was discarded did not upset my nature in a dreadful way. We work at the DI and people leave crap in that little fridge forever. It was an understandable mistake on behalf of the discarder.