Sunday, July 30, 2017

Abbi's First Talk

Abbi was asked to give a talk about girls' camp in sacrament meeting on our last Sunday in the North Ogden ward. She prepared so well and gave some really great remarks about friendship. We are so proud of her thoughtfulness and compassion. Her heart sees things that lots of times we miss so we are always learning from her example.

She set up a little practice area in the great room.

We couldn't help but notice the similarity between Grandpa and Noah's inseams!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

4th of July

We started very early with Abbi running the 5K. I thought she was lost because I waited forever at the finish line. Turns out she decided to walk. But, she still likes to participate so that's good. After the 5K we sent Abbi and Noah off with Uncle Cody to ride in the parade and I stayed in the shade with Henrik to watch. At the park, Noah got his face painted and Abbi got some yummy snacks. In the evening, we came to Grandma Hansen's for the annual Hansen/Jones/Misc BBQ and fireworks. I love 4th of July! We got home in time to watch the fireworks from our backyard for the last time since we're moving next month!

Grandma and Henrik at the parade. Noah and Abbi were in the truck with Uncle Cody, throwing candy.

Harry Potter face paint.

Learning to use Snap Chat filters is really funny!

The water balloon fight was extra great because sponges don't pop.

My cousin Amy made a Baby Groot shirt for the baby because that's what we're calling her while we wait for her arrival.