Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day Camping Trip

At the last minute, Jake decided to take all of us to North Fork for an overnight camping trip. We hadn't gone out so far this summer and the end of the summer is going to be busy with packing and moving so we had to hurry and go. The dogs, kids, and Jake were all packed up when I got home from work and we headed over the mountain to North Fork.

We were worried we would never find a spot on such a busy weekend but actually found one of our best spots ever! It was shady and big and flat. The dogs never got to go camping before so they were super excited to be there. They sniffed and sniffed all day.

For dinner we roasted hotdogs and had chips and soda. Then we roasted marshmallows for s'mores. Our tent is a great size for the four of us and I was really happy because Jake and I slept on the separate twin air mattresses and put the kids on the queen air mattress. Out of the family (including the dogs), I got the best night sleep! Jake's c-pap machine battery pack wasn't working, the kids' air mattress went flat, and the dogs whined in the back of the truck anytime there was any noise.

I'm always impressed when Jake can make pancakes, eggs, and bacon on a little camp stove. Delicious. Then we cleaned up and headed home. Camping is a lot of work whether you go for one night or a bunch of nights because of the packing and unpacking but it's always great to be out away from the screens and distractions!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Sea Quest Aquarium

For Christmas, Uncle Jeremy gave us a year membership to the new aquarium in Layton. It has some pretty cool stuff to see and to do. I hate that the snakes are so big and the employees get them out, too. You can't get to the exit without walking right past them! But, we did enjoy petting the sting rays and holding the parrot. Next time, we've got to put our feet into the little tank where the fish nibble your toes!