Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grandma Hansen's 90th Birthday


My grandma turned 90 years old on May 16th. She was born in 1927 as the 5th of 12 children. We celebrated her birthday at the Riverdale Park with Chick Fil A, cake and ice cream, and a cute little program. Grandma gave her own speech about how much she loves her parents and siblings and us. She always reminds us to be kind to one another and to love our parents. Even at 90 years old, she still feels like she belongs to her Papa and Mother. Her whole life is an example of loving them, learning to work and to serve, and taking care of her family. I'm so grateful to be her namesake and to have this continued time to spend with her. Grandma has always been funny and I love to sit and rock next to her while she reports about all the people she visits with and how everyone is doing. I am especially grateful to be expecting a baby because I know it's from her faith and daily prayers that our baby miracle is joining us. If I try a little bit everyday to be more selfless eventually maybe I can be more like her.

P.S. She is called Popcorn Grandma by the grandkids in our family because she always has a big bowl of popcorn on the counter that she lets them get into.