Saturday, April 04, 2015


We got a few chickens to keep in the yard so we could have fresh eggs.  Jake planned out a rotation so we would have some hens for eggs and some hens for eating.  I've never had anything like a chicken around before so this has been a little interesting.  I do like them, but it's still weird.

We go 7 black chickens that Jake had studied out to be good for the weather, good in the yard, and good with kids.  We lost one of them a couple nights in.  It was probably too cold for her.  They stayed in the garage for a little while until we moved them into the barn.  They still have their light to keep warm and still live in a box.  It's been fun watching them grow.

A few days before Easter, Jake's friend sold us 10 meat chickens.  They were about five weeks old so we plan to keep them for about five more weeks before we eat them.  They accidentally sent us home with 11 chickens.  Jake turned the little shed into a coop for them.  We've even added a little door where they can come out into a little pen onto the grass.  They grow so fast and barely walk around anymore because they can't hold up their meaty-selves.

On Easter Saturday there was a bit of an incident.  The kids are obsessed with the chickens and like to go in and out of the coop all the time.  Abbi went in to see them and Daisy quickly got through the door with her.  In less than 30-seconds, Daisy got one of the chickens but ran away when Abbi screamed.  It was injured and Jake acted before remembering his audience.  He was in the coop really fast and snapped the chicken's neck.  Then he stepped out of the coop and smacked Daisy with the chicken carcass a few times to teach her a lesson.  Noah and Abbi were stunned, standing in the yard, and I was stunned, standing in the back door.  The chicken's head flew off while Jake smacked Daisy.  Then, the country boy just walked away, taking the carcass to the dumpster.  Drama ensued, Daisy was bathed in the yard, and Easter went on as planned.