Thursday, January 29, 2015

Before and After - Lots of Bushes

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Phone Photos

Daisy got a new bed that she loves.
Toby likes to hurt Daisy's feelings by laying in her new bed.
Here you see that Toby doesn't care while Daisy is confused and hurt.
Crazy Hair Day 2015
The dog is really needy lately.
Exploding baked potatoes are a hard lesson.
Dinner in front of the TV for Super Bowl Sunday.

The State of the Me - 2015

Dear Joey,

I know how you like to read your own blog, and re-read it, and then read it again when it’s printed in the book.  And, you like to refer back to specific posts, periodically, to amuse yourself.  So this one’s for you.

The State of the Me, 2015 – Dedicated to Me.

The year started off with a surprise beginning.  I returned to work at Deseret Industries after a seventeen month stint as a SAHM, or unemployed mom.  It has been a physical, emotional, and economic boost to be back to work.  My brain likes it and needs it.  Crazy things happen at the D but my brain is crazy without it.  I enjoy being a job coach.  I enjoy having good co-workers and supervisors.  I am amused by things that happen only in a D.I.  And, periodically, I feel like I do good work there.  Jake and the kids were so supportive of me returning to work.  Yes, I am a working mom who chooses to work.  Judge me. 

The first two months of the year was a back and forth waffle plan about leaving our Riverdale rental to find our forever (or semi-permanent) home.  After two years of debates between Jake and I regarding cities and the number of farm animals allowed in a subdivision, we found and were able to secure our home.  We had more people helping us move then we had ever met, literally.  Our new neighborhood and ward was overwhelmingly welcoming.  Our home and yard had been neglected for a time, which has given us (and will continue to give us) plenty to do.  Our half acre yard has between one to four deer visitors every day.  The home feels ginormous compared to where we had spent the previous year.  All of us have enjoyed spreading out and settling in.

At the end of March, my parents retired.  It turns out they are that old.  A couple months later, they flew away to South Africa to serve a mission in the Johannesburg Mission Office.  They have loved every minute so far, and are excited for their move to a village north of the city this coming weekend.  They will serve the members and Church leaders in Polokwane and the Seshego group.  They can enjoy that while I enjoy thinking about them coming home in December.

We celebrated Independence Day in our new city, beginning with the Sunrise Ceremony.  I’m not sure what the kids thought of waking up that early for that type of event but what’s the point of the day if you don’t see a flag raising?  The parade had actual floats and dancers and cheerleaders, which is refreshing after seeing the Riverdale advertising parade for so many years.

After a rainy week at Bear Lake we prepared to send the children to school.  Abbi was incredibly excited to start the 4th grade.  She has done very well in her academic and social progress.  She attends a speed stacking club before school and has quite the talent for speed of lightening tower formations.  She tested out a little basketball camp and decided that it’s not the sport for her but would love to find a Track and Field club.  Turns out, Track and Field clubs are hard to come by.

The boy started Kindergarten.  He just walks right in with his backpack and apparently learns to read and such.  I’m still dealing with the shock of it all.  Half way through the school year, he has outgrown all of his school clothes.  His body secretly stretches longer and longer each night.  Clothing is an economic challenge that I haven’t quite conquered.

We partied it up this year by hosting my parents’ retirement party, an extremely large Halloween party, a Shirley Temple Soiree for Abbi’s birthday, and other intermittent parties and meals.  The Halloween party was as fun as singing Christmas carols and building snowmen, so that may be our traditional social event.

I would like to sum the year as follows:

We did just fine.  We were blessed.  We had a chance to struggle, too.  We came through.  This year, we look forward to a little less struggle, if you can plan that kind of thing.

On the Home Front
The house is standing.  The house and yard offers many jobs in which we use child labor and limited outsourcing.

We need to ask the question "Is our children learning?"  They are.  And, they will.

There is work to do and meetings to attend.  We could use a little focus on our approval rating.  You know, approval rating???

As it turns out, life is hard.  And, I might make it more difficult because I want to figure everything out.  But a lot of things can't be figured out.  The best advice I've gotten recently is, "Don't feed the bear."  It works.

I'm old.  I'm only getting older.  My back and legs remind me everyday that I'm no spring chicken.  Well, by the time I'm through, by back and legs will be stronger than two stupid spring chickens.

Foreign Affairs
None to report and no anticipated foreign interactions.  Unless you count Facetime with my parents.

Animal Count
Toby the Cat {2011-Current}
Daisy the Dog {2012-Current}
Sammich the Dog {Nov. 2014-Nov. 2014}

2014 was pretty solid.  And, 2015 looks pretty good, too.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Facebook Post - Awesome Day

I think I'm wearing Noah's socks. It's hard to tell. I feel bad about my life.
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cooking Fail

Did you know baked potatoes blow up? We've got dinner spread from H to breakfast. Only put in an hour and a half so far so no big deal.
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