Thursday, March 20, 2014

But we always go back.

Think of the worst day you have had at work...  Go ahead....

Was that your last day?  Did you leave and never go back?

Or were you there again, the next day, the next week, five years later, back after 18 months off?

I guess the only reason we would do that is because we must believe in it.  Now that I think about it, the same principle applies to relationships, too.

I'm sitting here, reminding myself the reasons why I believe in the work I do and in the place I work.  I have had some of my worst {emotionally, physically, mentally} days at work.

To give some Readers Digest examples:

  • A man who was recently released from prison was making very crude remarks about me to others felt angry with me one day, the day he was feeling homicidal and suicidal {his words, not mine}.  And, we both worked through the rest of the day.  And, several after that until the situation was resolved.
  • A special needs individual had a hard time controlling her anger declared a more than professional interest in me.  I was given the responsibility to resolve it on my own.  Awesome.  This is the first time I realized that under stress, my body resorts to vomiting.
  • One night, I was working as the only manager, a suspicious individual did very suspicious things.  His dress included a trench coat and hockey mask.  The trench coat covered temple clothing.  There were physical fights between grown men, police involvement, and suspicions confirmed.
  • I've been thoroughly stalked.
  • I've been threatened.
  • I've been condemned to hell by a man who said we were playing the devil's music.
  • I've dealt with hard spiritual matters as one person could not find support and help in making desired changes in her life, while another person with overwhelming support and children took her own life in a horrific way.
  • And most recently, in anger, and individual threw a lamp at me, which shattered at my feet.
But, I'm pretty sure I was at work every one of those days, and I was back the next day.  Just like, I'll be there again tomorrow.

Maybe this means that I believe in the program I am involved with.  I have seen changes and miracles in many lives.  I have seen the happiness of success in the eyes of those I am responsible for.  The day I walked in, I knew I belonged and the day I walked in for round 2, I knew I belonged there.  I'm excited to see what experiences are in store and the to meet the people who will come through our building.

Here's to another thirty years, which I'm sure will include a few more rough days.

Why do you do what you do?