Thursday, February 27, 2014

One NO at a time.

We're moving.  We think.  Yes, we're moving.  But, six hours ago we weren't.  And, less than 48 hours before that we were.  And, before that we weren't, and were, and weren't, and were.  I can't even explain how this isn't weird or uncommon for us.  But as of this day and time, we are moving.  In two weeks.

Before this house, we loved another one further north.  And, one here locally.  We really loved five acres in a really small town.  Before that, there was another house we made an offer on.  All of those went through the same back and forth.

This may make Jake and I sound like wafflers.  Yes, that's a word, I think.  But we aren't.  Once we decide something we're all in.  Until the universe remembers some vendetta it holds against as gets us.  Over and over and over again.

The same thing has happened with the medical advice I've gotten over the years about my ability to have a child.

The same thing happened when we sold the townhouse.

We can recognize it in our efforts while we prepared for me to be a stay at home mom.

The same thing happened when we were engaged, hoping to get our letter in time to be sealed in the temple, and then for the following two years of follow up on that.

It happened again, although not nearly as many backs and forths {but with some ups and downs} with our dating relationship and the beginning of our engagement.

Even deciding to go on the first date with Jake {and his decision to go on a first post-divorce date} was similar to our waffle pattern.

If we've learned anything, it is this:

As long as we take our one NO at a time, and don't compound them {emotionally} with all of our other NO's, we'll get over it.  We'll move past it.  We'll learn from it.  And best of all, we'll find ourselves in a better place than we could have finagled on our own.  NO's are discouraging, disappointing, frustrating, and confusing.  But, wherever and Whoever is sending the No's obviously knows us better than we know ourselves.

So, if you are feeling like the shocks have gone out, the road is too bumpy, and you can't even see where you're going.... keep going.  I bet it's worth it.