Friday, January 10, 2014

I am Mrs. Miscellany

This year, with the help of lots of friends, I have launched a new blogging project called:

mis·cel·la·ny  (ms-ln)
n. pl. mis·cel·la·nies 
1. A collection of various items, parts, or ingredients, especially one composed of diverse literary works.
2. miscellanies A publication containing various literary works.

This project came about after considering the world of blogging, the world of Pinterest, the world of Instagram, the world of Facebook, etc.  We are the women of an advanced era of communication our mothers and grandmothers have never known.  It's impressive and intimidating to have access to so much information.  It's not only on our desk tops anymore {with the noise of the internet dialing for connection}, but at our fingertips at all hours of the day.

My internet love began when I was introduced to Pinterest.  Sure, I had Facebook and even a blog, but I LOVED Pinterest.  Then, I started hearing about and connecting with popular blogs.  Now, all of those things are apart of my daily {multi-daily} routine.  I enjoy seeing the projects, ideas, lives, and stories of so many others.  Routinely, I attempt to copy a lot of what I see {with little success}.  Also, routinely, I compare my everyday life to the perfect set-up and staged photos and posts of others.

Almost everywhere I searched, online, I never saw the recipe fails, the tips on how to un-super-glue a cat from my husband's hand, the Modge Podge projects that will never make it on the shelf, let alone a feature blog post.  If you're not careful, all of those wonderful and colorful Pins and posts can start to wear on your own self-esteem.  {I have more to say about self-esteem, but another day.}

So, I rallied the troops.  We're aren't a big troop {and there's room for more} but we have an objective to combat the internet world of perfectness.  We are going to write real stories about our real lives.  It's going to be funny.  Or, it's not going to be funny.  It's not staged.  It's not perfected.  It's just "a collection of various items, parts, or ingredients, especially one composed of diverse literary works."

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