Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Activities

Connie, Carolyn, and Sue having birthday lunch for my mother.
Grandma, Mother, and Me at Longhorn Steak House for Mom's birthday.
Wendy made our new little rental 'Joey Style' with lots of cute curtains.  This is showing a before and after.  I LOVE the birds and HATED the lace that was up.
Bryan turned 14.  The young nephews love having a 'big boy' around.
Jeremy - I don't know who took this picture but it's too good not to share.
Jake and I sold the Roy Townhouse.  Until we buy our permanent {hopefully} home next year, we are renting a duplex near Abbi's school.  We lost a bedroom, two bathrooms, a family room, and a lot of space.  But, we are all SO happy.  I'm not sure how to describe why because I'm not really sure.  I still have anxiety and doubts that like to stir my soul but this place just feels so good.  The neighborhood is so great and it's just felt kind of fun to move in here.  I've always been into adventures and this feels like one.  Although it's a half-step towards our goal, the progress feels goodI don't have all the right words to explain how this all feels and I wish I understood it a little better myself but for now, we're happy and we're enjoying it.  And, we're enjoying the treats our neighbor brought over this afternoon.  We found a good street to park our little family for now.