Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Life With Cheese

Tonight, for one million reasons, I found myself making macaroni and cheese for dinner.  This is a past time that I have experienced as many times as Mr. Rogers has zipped up his sweater.  But this time, it was different.  By Jake's recommendation, I was using a block of Velveeta as the star ingredient of tonight's meal.  I've never cooked with Velveeta, except the "Shells and Cheese," you know.  And unfortunately, the Shells and I had a less than amicable parting.  Nevertheless, I decided to give it a redeeming chance tonight.

I added milk and a ton of pepper but I just couldn't look past the "Velveeta" part of the macaroni.  I thought this was a way for us to get back on track, making dinner a cheesy delight for years to come.  I was fooled.  I fell bait the the "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" routine.

The problem is that I'm getting a little nervous.  If anyone has known me longer than, let's say 24 months, you would know that my past is filled with countless meals of Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Over the years, I would take the road less traveled and eat store-brand or Western Family macaroni but it never stuck and I always came crawling back to the blue box.  I've even tried all of the Kraft variations because they know their target market grew up, and we have to pretend to eat like adults sometimes.  Here's the point:  I don't like it anymore.  It tastes like you've poured a fake cheese over, what used to be, good noodles.

I know, I know.... I haven't always been like this.  During a cruise in 2000, I turned away gourmet macaroni that I'd give my left lug nut for nowadays. For you long-term readers, you'd know that more than once, I've posted pictures of beautiful dishes of macaroni and cheese with a juicy piece of seared chicken laid over it.  I live for a nice, small bowl at Noodles and Co. 

I'm just facing a quandary.  Abbi loves macaroni but how do I make a quick meal for the kids if I just want to barf the product of my cooking?  How do I fill such a large gap in the staples of goodness I enjoy?  I'm so confused.

p.s.  I've recently taken quite an interest in cottage cheese.  Our relationship has had its ups and downs but we're on a full up-swing currently.  Jake's been begging me to quit the dairy...  But a nice cool dish of cottage cheese with season-all salt is a refreshing late night snack.


Wendy H. said...

You need Jonesie's macaroni recipe with real cheese. It's easier than you think.