Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer.... singing loud for all to hear."  (Elf, the sponsor of Christmas 2011)

We're singing.  You better believe it.  Last night the kids and I went with Brother Fowers to the Stoddard's Hoopernacle.  A man came in with a white beard and a Santa hat so I told Noah how nice I thought it was for Santa to stop by the Hoopernacle so close to Christmas.  Noah replied with his usual, "ho ho ho."  Then thirty seconds later, Noah looked back at "Santa" and said, "He's not the real Santa!  That's not the real Santa!"  Which prompted Abbi on her lines...."He's a liar!  He sits on a throne of lies!"

Good times.

A couple weeks before this Elf/Santa incident, the kids and I were at the mall with Jeremy.  I was so excited that Santa was right there with no lines.  I said, "It's Santa!  I know him!  I know him!"  And Abbi ran her line, "He's not the real Santa!"  She repeated that several times but five seconds later I lost her.  There she was on Santa's lap all by herself.  We figure she was just covering her bases in case it was the real Santa.  She requested a pencil and a Christmas eraser.  Noah wouldn't sit on Santa's lap.  He made me do it.  So there was Noah on my lap, and me on Santa's lap, playing telephone with Noah's Christmas list.  I felt like Noah was a mob boss whispering his demands, "I want a basketball hoop."  I repeated that to Santa.  Then another whisper, "And a football."  So I told Santa a football.  Then Noah ran away.  That was an awkward second for me on Santa's lap.

Santa finished our shopping in October.  He had a hard time getting any type of ideas from the kids.  After some internet research, Santa wrote the list himself and headed to the store.  Since then, the kids have not come up with really any original ideas other than the pencil.  And at first Noah would only answer with "a treat" or "two treats" if you would ask what he wanted Santa to bring.  Santa took the kids to the store and piqued their interest by showing them a few items he wants them to look forward too.  Fortunately that worked, and now I am (I mean Santa) is really excited to watch the kids be excited on Christmas morning.  The other day I figured I should have just given the kids both a dozen balloons.  They love chasing those things around.

Anyway...I wanted to post a picture of our celebrations so far.


Michelle D said...

What? no picture of you sitting on Santa's lap? That was cute story and made me smile. Cute kids and looks like you guys are having fun. Merry Christmas :)

Anne H said...

Finally, a post with more pictures of kids than cats. Good work. Why are there balloons on the ceiling and how does Jake walk around in that sort of a situation? Is it like an army training program where he has to navigate an obstacle course?

LarryandMelanie said...

Noah doesn't look as excited about new fancy Christmas duds as Abbi does. I think he would have smiled better if his outfit included a football helment.