Tuesday, November 29, 2011

inquiring minds want to know...

Word on the street is that there are people wondering what's going on here with all the animals..... let me enlighten you.




I guess everything and everyone learns new things.  Some of those things are worth celebrating.  For example, the dogs sit on command, the cat poops himself in the box, Noah speaks in sentences now....  But sometimes when a new trick is learned, instead of celebrating you feel like you've lost a part of your life that you'll never get back.  Do you laugh?  Do you cry?  The dogs can get anything through the top of their boxes and can shred it in no time at all.  We got through a roll of paper towels a week just for them.  Also, they eat the rawhide sticks (that promise hours of enjoyment for your pet and are made out of pure beef...ie: pork liver) in as little as 20 seconds.  The cat can/does stand on my arm like he's a little bird because I want to enjoy a nice treat while sitting on the couch.  Noah learned how to make fart noises with his arm, during sacrament meeting.  He also learned that when he wakes up in the morning he can get out of his bed and come right out of his room.  We used to depend on his patience to wait in bed until whatever hour we chose to wake up.

All of these creatures came into our home out of a love of creatures.  This may be a new found love for me.....kind of.  I've always loved the thought of pets and such but I was never capable of letting them stay very long.  I think all this boils down to the fact that 2011 was a banner year for me.  I learned to commit.  I don't just commit.  I crazy commit.  Some days, I may qualify to be committed. 

p.s.  Abbi is an additional creature in our home but she's well-trained on many levels.  She makes us laugh but it's hardly ever at inappropriate times.


Amanda said...

Joey you make me laugh! I love reading your blog. I am glad that you finally gave in to being committed...I mean into a commitment. Haha ;-) Love ya jojo!