Sunday, May 22, 2011

week one

I'd like to report and may be afraid to say the small boy, Noah, has taken the responsibility upon himself to initiate me as the newest member of the Tracy Family. We got home from our honeymoon late Tuesday night and have spent all of our time since then unpacking, settling things, and working endlessly on the laundry.

While I was on the kitchen floor working on the pantry, Noah was experiencing a high quantity of gas. I literally saw a light turn on in his head just before he turned around, backed up, sat on my leg, and farted. He got a good kick out of this so then he grunted while he sat there until he pooped. I went to get the cleaning supplies for incidents such as these when he backed me into the little bathroom, backed up against me, and grunted a little more. He soiled himself. Just before bed, he was content playing with Num Num (his new hippo) but he caught a glimpse of me kind of backed into another corner so he dropped what he was doing to back up and pass gas on my leg again. Three times in one day. Jake said he's never seen Noah do that before. We're not sure how his brain came up with it but he seemed pretty skilled in his endeavors.

In other news, Abbi is doing good and has not farted or pooped on my leg. I appreciate that about her. We're planning a fun trip to the zoo this week to celebrate her Kindergarten graduation. She's accomplished a lot this school year so we're going to party!


Katherine said...

Well, I pretty much love all of these posts. Those kids are super cute, you're pretty lucky to have them. Even if the small one likes to fart on you. :)