Tuesday, February 08, 2011

such hard decisions

Anne ordered me 10, count them 10, pairs of shoes from Zappos.
 I love these green ones but I might die in that size of heel.
 These are my favorite orange ones but my toes and that toe opening are not friends.
 I think these are my favorite.  But they kind of slip off my heel.  But they might be worth it.  Maybe they won't slip if my foot was sweaty after wearing them for a minute, ya know?
My family has been so supportive and helpful to me lately that this is the tough decision I'm left with. 
What to do?


Anne H said...

maybe one of those stick-in heel cushion pad things would help close the gap

Hansen Family Blog said...

That is going to be a hard decision.

Taryn said...

I agree with Anne. I wore 4 inch heels on my wedding day. Those "stick-in heel cushion pad things" saved me. Good luck!