Saturday, May 15, 2010

half the battle

I've come to a place in my life where white walls are no longer acceptable.  Like Wendy said, it's not really my personality.  I've been thinking about colors off and on for a good 8 months or so but I've finally made a decision!  I'm using these dish towels as my inspiration.  I love the colors!

I have decided to go with the Asparagus green as the main color.  It will be on all of the walls from the kitchen to the upstairs hall.  The accent wall(s) will be the darker green, Moss Landing. Cody gets to pick the accent wall(s). 
(Please ignore the mirror image...I really didn't paint 19 spots.  But I did paint at least nine.  That half bath really came in handy this time.)

My favorite little bookshelf will be getting a little work done as well.  I'm going to paint it Candy Apple red.  The insides of the shelves may or may not become Twilight blue, not the blue shown above, it's a more calm blue.
And last, but not least, the small floating shelves in the hall will become either the Twilight blue or the dark Deep Royal.  I'll need to hear your feedback on that.

Furthermore, I will be buying another set of the dish towels to turn into throw pillows.

My plan is to have all of this done by the end of July.  That sounds about right.

btw: my R.S. president really takes her calling seriously


Katherine said...

Holy crap, I love it! I can't wait to see where you live!

Taryn said...

Good for you! I'm looking for some color too. I don't know if I'm as brave as you are though. =o) Good luck!!!

PS I'd like to hear more about this RS president of yours. ;)

PPS We need to get together sometimes. I hear we have some similar "single-hood" experiences. :D