Saturday, March 06, 2010

March Madness

I think I come off as having an anger/temper/patience/feelings problem.  I'd say that there are actually very few things that upset me.  I'd like to try and name a few things now.....
  • having a stuffy nose - snarfy as my family calls it
  • Blaine won't drink Diet Coke yet - but we did negotiate to change the goal date to the Monday after the Ogden Marathon
  • Bejeweled can't save my highest score because I won't buy it
  • Cary Grant is dead
  • this one store is too dangerous for me to visit
  • sometimes my associates lie with such confidence they may think they invented lying - ask me about the TB claim
  • I'm no decorater but I wish my house was filled with stuff like this - instead I have white bare walls
  • my dream of an Irish vacation is fading
  • manipulaters - no matter their reason....unless it's me of course
  • not being with Amanda, Kayli, Katherine, Lisa, Jennie, Rachel, Emily, Emily, or Amy as often - I miss the old days
  • being an adult - regarding taxes, insurance, investments, accountability, full-time work, etc.
  • every human doesn't communicate the way that I do - because my communication is unflawed and completely clear
  • garbage day - putting out the garbage, hearing the truck so early in the morning, and bringing the can back in is treacherous work
  • being recognized at my local Lucky China and sometimes at Noodles even though I really cut back - is it good customer service or just humiliating?
  • my blogger friends aren't updating their blogs as often as I prefer - don't wonder if I'm talking about you....I am
I'm pretty sure these are the only things that ever upset me....and only during the month of March of course.  That's why they call it March Madness.  Over and out.


Katherine said...

This is why I like you. :)

Wendy H. said...

I feel like you've taken a turn from a month full of love.