Monday, December 15, 2008

20 Things About mE

  1. When I stretch out on my bed, I can't touch 2 sides at once.
  2. I buy children's shoes....not from children, just children sized. They are such a good deal.
  3. My spirit may be a music spirit. I don't have more than 15% music talent but I feel so full after listening to a great performance.
  4. I once put my pet fish, Buddy, to sleep. He was old and sick. Benadryl puts me to sleep and it puts fish to sleep too.
  5. One night, I laughed so hard I had a severe asthma and panic attack. What once was funny turned out to be a little frightening.
  6. I have an unexplainable connection with George W.
  7. I have the memory of an 80 year old who doesn't have a good memory.
  8. My patience is thin.
  9. I love my family more than anything else.
  10. I could eat breakfast for practically every meal.
  11. Sometimes I cry over fictional stories more often than factual stories.
  12. Although I have kindness inside me, I have a terrible struggle initiating kindness.
  13. I am related to Tom Thumb. His name is Charles Stratton and he was 3.5 feet tall.
  14. I wonder a lot about what life would be like now if I had served a mission.
  15. During college, I woke up every morning at 6am to read the paper, watch the news, and eat cheerios.
  16. I'm way more scared than I'll ever look.
  17. After a little practice, I'm a champ at Guitar Hero.
  18. My nicknames include: Joseph, Jo, Guisepe, Sparky, Jubb, Jubby, Jubbio, BFR, Punk, Rat-Faced Dog, Froggy, Little Friend, etc.
  19. I am searching out a way to be a homemaker. If that means unemployment, I'm okay with that. I just need to find a sponsor.
  20. I just want someone to tell me what my next step is and how to take it.

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