Saturday, November 29, 2008

"I'll be thankful when this is over."

Even though Thanksgiving is my least favorite eating holiday, it was pretty great this year.

It started on Wednesday night with a girls' night out to Twilight. I really was looking forward to loving that movie. I don't. Lisa and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning doing next to nothing....but I liked it.
I really liked spending the day at home on Thursday. I was supposed to make dessert but my mom made 6 pies. Instead, Marlie and I made place setting Turkeys. When we started our project Marlie said, "Actually, I hate Thanksgiving." On the radio a few days ago I heard about a study that concludes children cannot grasp gratefulness until they are 7 years old. I figure none of us really grasp gratefulness or we wouldn't celebrate it just once a year.
After our feast, a few of us took a nice walk up the Weber River Trail. That's where things took an odd turn. I was trying to take a picture of my mom and I and all the sudden she went crazy and was trying to hug me and kiss me. Honestly, I can't remember the last time my mom kissed me. Sick.
When we came home from our walk I showed my brother and sister the picture of my mom trying to kiss me. It's just so weird to all of us but then Jimmy went crazy and hugged and kissed Anne. Whoa. That's probably never happened. Then he did it to me. He asked why wouldn't he hug us and kiss us because we are his baby sisters. There must have been something in the turkey.

Although the kids in my family are all adults now, we barely made it through my mom reading all our "thankfuls." There was whining, groaning, stabbing with crutches, etc. Jimmy said, "I'll be grateful when this is over." My mom does so much to make the holidays great for us. We have our own family traditions and she makes then great every year. Maybe one day we'll (I'll) be more grateful to her more often.

The holiday weekend ended with my dad and I running errands and doing some shopping. My dad is selfless and generous with his time and means. We (I) could be a little more grateful a lot more often to him.
What a good Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my enemy

My bedroom and the bathroom are hooked together and apparently the walls in my house are not any thicker than a flannel sheet. I've tried everything (other than actually repairing it) to get the water to stop running. The water is getting sucked out the flapper so the floaty thing goes down and the water trickles into the tank non-stop.

Have you ever heard water running and need to go? Try sleeping through that. I laid in my bed imagining I was listening to a beautiful garden fountain. 3 hours later I fell asleep. You probably thought, "Just turn off the water, Joey." And I thought, "Thank you. I never thought of that." Except I did and I can't get the knob to turn.

I know all of my blog readers wanted to know about my toilet issue. Maybe I'm just testing your loyalty.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

new roommates!

Let me begin by telling you that Shane is not one of my new roommates. Tammy and Collette are. Before they moved in we did one billion projects from painting to furnace filter changing.

They moved in the other night. After unloading, what seemed like an enormous amount of goods, they went back for a second load.....with 3 vehicles! After unloading another overwhelming load of stuff, I learned that there was still a little more stuff that needed to come. My living room has space for us to get out the back door in an emergency. It may take some time to figure out how to shove our stuff all in here together. I'm afraid we haven't mastered the "work smarter, not harder" theory.

Overall, I'm pretty excited to have them here.