Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Random Pictures from 2017

I could hear Abbi loading the dishwasher in the kitchen and wondered who she was talking to. She was just giving a verbal tutorial on the proper way to do the dishes :)

The kids stayed home for banana splits while Jake and I ran a couple errands for our Friday the 13th date night.

Grandma Hansen

We got so much snow this year. It just kept piling up. The kids were in heaven.

I finally won Jessica at the card game we play during lunch every day.

Noah's first Picasso or Pisacco as he would call it.

Abbi and I went to her Young Women New Beginnings.

Jessica and Caesar's first little wedding before the big Catholic cathedral wedding.

Abbi wrote a letter asking Anne's boss to allow her to have time off for our Bear Lake trip.

This is Alexxis's baby, Paisley.

I love this water color painting Abbi did at school.
Anne and Wendy on a sister trip in Sweden.

Noah had lots of fun playing baseball this summer.

Kids were out with dad for the day. The funny thing about Noah's scratch on his forehead is that he "doesn't remember" what happened. All we know is that he was "horsing around" with Jack and James with Grandpa nearby. That's all we ever learned about his Harry Potter scar.

The kids celebrated Wendy's birthday with her at Cherry Hill water park.

When we moved into Grandma's house, the young women brought a cute gift basket and gift over to welcome the kids into the ward.

Pregnant lady model pose with Jake's new smoker.

This is the puzzle my mom and I tried to do at Bear Lake but decided we'd need more time and did it at home instead. This was the hardest puzzle ever!

The kids made great entries for the annual melon roll at the Stone Family Labor Day picnic.

Dad and Abbi looking for Nerf darts.

Noah made me this little guy at school. He set it in my room while I was at work so it was a funny surprise when I came home in the dark after a closing shift.

Marlie's 14th birthday brownie cake.

Jake's masterpiece gingerbread man. He baked and decorated it just for me.

This was a funny screenshot of texts I thought I was sending to Wendy but sent to Jake instead.