Monday, June 24, 2013

enjoying Summer '13

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

...and we're all fine

I wish that the feelings that I experienced today are the last time I ever have to feel them again.  My mind is still stuck on the sight and sound of what started as an excellent summer day.  The babies were happy and sun-kissed.  We packed snacks, sunblock, water, and the softball gear and headed to Abbi's game just a mile away.

The babies love to ride in the old grandpa truck.  It's a 1988 Dodge Ram with only 42,000 miles.  They love to talk about it's history and they especially love the Ram hood ornament.  When anyone walks past our house they introduce them to the old truck parked on the street.  The babies like to be able to see plus they were surprised that my feet help with the driving.  Today was only they're third or fourth time in the thing.

At the softball games we usually have to sit in the sun and so on our way to the park I stopped at the gas station to get myself I fountain drink.  I parked right next to the door and turned it off.  The babies stayed buckled up while I ran in.  I filled my drink and paid, feeling like I was a bad mom because rather than pick them out a treat, like I usually do, I just paid and headed out the door to see the old grandpa truck rolling away.

At first, I thought, why are they leaving me?  What a trick?  My mind so quickly figured Jake was tricking me but so quickly remembered .... I AM THE DRIVER!!!!  And then, the screaming hit my ear, coming from the cab.  My babies were screaming!  The truck was rolling down through the dip and into Riverdale Road.  I threw my drink and ran into the road.  I didn't have time to look for traffic, I just had to run for my babies.  I got into the cab before it reached the third lane, crossing the road just parallel to the intersection.

I don't know how all the stars aligned, but the light was green so there weren't cars sitting in the road at the light.  The truck didn't hit any cars and the oncoming traffic was all able to stop safely away from us.  The kids stayed in their seatbelts.  After I figured out what was going on with the truck and backed it back into the gas station I learned that Noah had kicked the gear shift and that's when it started rolling.

We all melted down, thankful for the miracle, but shocked and shaken.  We cuddled and sat together at home and we're so happy for the visitors who came to visit.  Anne was already on her way to help at the softball game, Grandma Tracy just happened to stop in, and Crystal and Jenny came to check on me, too.  I feel overwhelmed by the incident and more by the miracle of the little bubble that surrounded us today.

I've never been more scared.  Five hours later, it still feels like minutes ago.  I know that Heavenly Father protected us through the prayers of those who faithfully keep us in their prayers.  I have learned and felt so much as a mom today and my babies have had their share of a lesson, too.  I am so grateful they are soundly asleep and we are all in our safe little home tonight.

I have thought through every scenario that could have happened and have to keep focusing in on our safety and miracle.  We're fine. 

P.S. The drink I threw apparently went through the open driver window because when we got home I found myself sitting on a cup and a pile of ice.

Don't forget to pray.  You might save some babies.