Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas favorite installment

Christmas was fabulous this year! I made a few gifts by hand, I baked, I went to a fun-filled family party, I drank delicious hot cocoa at the annual tea party, I shopped with Dad on Christmas Eve, we had an excellent story by Jimmy + Friends, and I dressed Wendy and Anne's dog in a Santa suit. I did other stuff too but let's get back to the dog. I'm not sure how he knew it but as soon as I pulled out the suit he started growling at walking backwards. This memory makes me happy.

He had to go to naughty dog time out when he naughty dogged on my carpet.

He loved opening his presents.

This is a video of the aforementioned dog hanging out and chewing my slipper while it was on my foot.

And after 13.57 hours of wearing the Santa suit, I took it off of him and he tried to kill it. Several times. Over and over. This memory also makes me happy.

Happy Christmas!


Katherine said...

13.57 hours is pretty much a lifetime, in dog years anyway. I don't blame him for attacking the santa suit.

Kellie said...

LOL! That's hilarious and then he was stuck in a suit longer than a normal human being cares to be in a suit!! Poor guy!!! :)